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[22 Jul 2017|10:36pm]


hello, party people. this is rupert floke, and despite having the name of an octogenarian, he is actually 34. originally from south bend, indiana, he went to san diego state university college of education. he married his college sweetheart only days after graduation, and they moved to portland to be closer to her family. he found a job at a local high school, where he has been teaching science for the last 11 years. he and his wife split (it was not amicable) in late 2016 and the divorce just recently finalized. she now lives in alaska. it's a whole thing. he spends much of his free time cultivating a beard, doing dopey science experiments in his garage, working out, determinedly avoiding talking about his feelings and dodging any attempts to be set up on a date. he is amicable and studious, generally friendly, laid back, and up for anything, though he's a little bit stuck in a shell of post-divorce depression.

as for lines, mostly i would love to figure out some solid friendships, and some super awkward non-friendships where he keeps running in to people that are connected to his ex!
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[14 Jul 2017|11:49pm]


what's uuuup! i'm hoping to bring this guy in before next adds, so here i am fishing for lines. this is jamie, he just turned 24 and he works at his family's pizza restaurant/bar with his parents and his step-sister heidi ([info]maart). he graduated from pnca with a degree in illustration and he's not entirely sure what he wants to do with that yet, maybe comics or graphic novels who knows! he's a little goofy, very shy in person and way more comfortable online, and not exactly ready to make a fool of himself so much as expecting that he will. but i have his bio/facts that you can check out if you like.

he's lived in portland nearly his whole life so i'd love some friends or at the very least people who entertain whatever comes out of his mouth, regulars at the restaurant, any ladies for potential tinder dates that he stood up because he probably lied and said he had a way cooler life than he does and then freaked out and couldn't face them, anyone who wants a roommate that will likely be in his room 90% of the time when at home, former classmates, IDK throw it at me, i'm game.

also, i'm not sure if there are already people who have restaurants and/or bars but if this is kind of a frequent thing then please let me know because we're willing to change the family business!
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[09 Jul 2017|05:31pm]


hey! i figured i would toss one of these up before i think of an intro.

this is jay dimas. half brother to ~mran and ~alegrine. he is a 30 year old valentine's baby. he moved to portland a little over 5 years ago and works as a personal trainer. dude likes to act dumber than he is at work because he figured out that gets him more money with 50 year old married crowd. unless you catch him on an off day, he is bouncing off the walls and has been told by multiple people to act his age. he also has a son that will be a year in october.

he could use everything. friends. buddies who like to go out. a friend he brought to a family gathering to get people off his back about being single. other parents to help him figure out what the hell he is doing. someone who calms him down. exes. flings. someone he hasn't talked to in a while that will be shocked he is a father.
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